A Truly Incredible God Given 

Miraculous Prophetic Sign

(original post of the dream is here)

By Bill Weather - 20 CONFIRMATIONS

9/22 Edit - This one did not come to pass as expected. One wonders if there was a

 delay from prayer postponing this or of some other explanation. This is left here

 for our learning, that sometimes, an amazing signs can come, but the outcome

 can be effected by other factors.

Friends who’ve been following my testimony know of the many incredible 22 and 222 signs I’ve received, for 2022, the time of the California mega quake. Well hold on to your seat. This is one of the most amazing 222 signs given.

My original post of the 7/14/17 California mega quake dream I received, I titled California Yom Kippur (here) , was finished edited at 12:22. Later that day (7/15/17), I went to post it randomly online and it said I had posted it at 3:22pm (1:22 pst). At that same time, I refreshed my phone with the fast reboot app and it said it had cleared 522mb. All those 22s and the previous many 222 signs I was getting was telling me the mega quake is for 2022, but little did I know to recently, God was prophesying the dream date, even down to the 100th of a decimal. This 522mb cleared from my phone is the focus of this next amazing sign, because from my phone, (God using it to tell me the prophetic time of the mega quake), clearing 522mb is really God telling me that in 5.22 years, the mega quake hits. Now the date given to me in the dream from a prophet was October 5th. 5.22 years from the time I refreshed my phone showing 522mb cleared, to the start of October 5th, winds up being 5.222 years. God even got the time down to the hundredth of a decimal of time, a truly amazing miracle, reconfirming the date given in the dream, October 5th, foretelling 5.222 years ahead.

Now let me show you the math on this in picture form, that will absolutely blow your mind!

Exact time to midnight 10/5/22 is 5.2223

This is one of the most amazing “coincidences” and “ironic” timing signs I’ve ever seen. To think, that God was telling me the prophetic time from my phone of 5.222 years ahead, that just so happens to land on the date given in the dream, October 5th, is insane!!!

I don’t know what time of the day on October 5th it all begins or ends, or if there will be major foreshocks a day or 2 ahead, but this timing to the closest one hundredth decimal, being 5.222 years is quite amazing, and just so happens to be landing on the date given in the dream. All glory to God!!! and from the instrument of telling time, my phone.

As the main site, 911quake.com foretells, watch for tsunami in September, followed by the mega quake weeks later, October 5th, 2022. This makes an incredible 8 signs to this dream.

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